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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, Today is the birth of my blog... I would say YAY! but I am a terrible writer. I am one of those people who have the best intentions (to write in a journal, etc.) but never get around to it as I am too occupied doing other things. So, today I decided it was time to bite the bullet!

I think one of the things I enjoy the most is seeing someone who thinks they can't
do something (especially art related), encouraging them to just try, and see the look of pride and awe when they say "look what I made!"

I get to enjoy this daily with my boys, watching them learn and grow. My oldest, Garret, read me a story last night- it was special because he is in kindergarten and just learning to read. It was his first time to read more than a sentence and he did it! He was so proud. I hope, if nothing else, just one person will see something here that inspires them to try something new and get the joy that only creating something yourself can bring- the I did it! moment. So maybe together we can learn something new and enjoy the fruits of our explorations. You can see some of ours here at .

I think my favorite medium is mixed media, and I had never tried it before until about a year ago. I am by no means great at it, but I sure love to make everything fom ATC's to aprons using mixed media. What is your favorite art or craft? What is something you would just love to do but have never tried before? I would love to hear from you, your ideas and thoughts!


  1. wow, it's the beginning you say? you did an excellent job. Nice to meet you and can't wait to read more. Mad About Pink!
    btw I'm hosting a giveaway too, I'd love you to enter.

  2. Good luck on your new blog!

    I like to do ATCs and mail art. :)

    -allthisbeauty on SB

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog! The posts all have great pictures accompanied by useful descriptions - it seems like you're cut out for this. :)
    I know exactly what you mean when you mention seeing someone who is proud of a creative accomplishment. It's so amazing and humbling to be a part of that experience...
    By the way, I really love the doll that you show in the photo above. Is that a project of yours? The beads on the dress are a pretty touch!
    xo, yourkitty

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! Yes @ohmymassilia I did make the doll, thank you!

  5. Good luck with your blog!
    Im new at blogging too, but its a lot of fun to share your info and stuff...

    Saying hi from th bloggers comment swap (bloempje666)