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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn is here

Well, it is still hot (95 F. yesterday) but the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, saying autumn is here!  We will have another month of hot weather and cooler nights before it will be woodburning time.  One thing I like about fall is it is time to start working out in the shop- wood for me and Lonnie in the metal shop.  It's just too hot in the summer.
Here's some of the things that went on last fall in the metal shop:
Working on an old hand crank forge, converting it to use an electrical blower.
Lonnie had an old coal forge that needed a pan and a blower- or someone to turn the blower!  So he converted it to use an electrical blower so he can use it anytime.

When he has to work in the summer with the forge, he uses his shoeing trailer so at least it is outside, and a little cooler.  Not only does he make his own shoes (for horses) when he needs special ones, he makes a lot of other things, too:

Here, he is making a spoon (just for decoration, of course!)

And on the right, you can see a pair of spurs he made from a rasp.  He also made my ring:

My ring, made from stainless steel- will never discolor or rust!

I always enjoy seeing what comes out of someone's creativity- and last Christmas, I received a beautiful surprise:

My horseshoe Christmas tree- no danger of setting the tree on fire!
So that's what I love about fall, seeing what's around the corner and what might show up new in the living room!
Have a great fall!


  1. WooHooo! I have the privilege of being your first follower. How fun. Great blog Rachel and I love the header art. So your husband is a shoer. He does some nice crafting too. I grew up with horses. I'm following here now. Would love it if you followed on my pblogs too:
    Blessings, Coleen

  2. Oh, that ring is so beautiful!

  3. How fun! Love seeing the process. The spoon is amazing!

    Aimee (darzy30 - swapbot)

  4. I really love metal work and wish I had the opportunity to learn. That ring is beautiful and the horseshoe tree is just fun!

    mellermann86 from SB

  5. That ring is really cool! And the spoon is too. How neat.

    I think it would really interesting to learn this..

    -allthisbeauty on SB

  6. Oh wow, I LOVE that ring! I have one in stainless steel myself, but it's gotten to big for me =/

  7. I love LOVE love the horseshoe Christmas tree!

    yellowhallstudio (SB)

  8. Wow... all of his work is extremely beautiful. I especially like the Christmas tree, and the ring must hold a ton of sentimental value coming from his own two hands. :)
    By the way, I think it's really cool that you homeschool your sons - it's great that, as a family, you have the chance to spend some real quality time together.
    <3 yourkitty

  9. Gotta just love a handyman. I so admire one who can do things like that with his hands and be creative at the same time. You know Rachel, you can remove that word verification thingy on your comments and it makes commenting faster and easier. I removed mine a year ago and have had no trouble with it. Just a thought.

  10. I really admire people who can take something so plain as a piece of metal and turn it into something so beautiful!

    Flutterflies22 Swap-bot

  11. I LOVE the horseshoe tree! And the ring is just gorgeous. I see neat meatalwork on frequently. It always amazes me how talented people are and the creative ideas they have. In a million years I never would have thought of a horseshoe tree. -Hollychihuahua on SB Blogger Comments

  12. Just checkin' in again to see what's new. We are in Texas now on our way to California....a long drive, but with churches in-between. Hope you all are well and staying warm thru this winter months.
    Many blessings, Coleen